Remtech Expo is the only permanent international event specialized in remediation, environmental and natural risks, safety, maintenance, redevelopment, regeneration of the territory, climate change and circular chemistry.

At a distance from the umpteenth devastating earthquake that struck Italy, it became necessary to broaden the range of issues dealt with in the context of RemTech Expo by organizing a moment of technical and technological confrontation on the issues of seismic risk, knowledge, planning and mitigation.

BUILTI will present:

  • SIS.TO. Project (multi-platform IT service based on expeditious methodologies for assessing the seismic vulnerability of buildings)
  • STATICO (static suitability certificate)
  • Bridgin-IT (multi-platform IT service based on a quick methodology for risk assessment in bridges)
  • Sensors (monitoring and control activities through sensors) together with our Partner: Boldrin s.r.l.
  • F.I.B.A. (Fast Infrastructure and Building Assessment)