How our service was born

It was possible to integrate different engineering methods into the creation of a software solution created to:

  • Facilitate the work of the professionals during a procedure to assess the vulnerability of a building.
  • Facilitate the understanding of the results for the final customer


The initiative starts from the well-known seismic risk of the Italian territory, which involves 80% of the pre-built buildings before the anti-seismic construction guidelines (dating back to 1982), and addresses it with a modern approach dedicated to the manager and owners of the building, which need to know the vulnerability of the existing building heritage.


The result of this partnership was RE.SIS.TO. Project: a multi-platform IT-based service that provides customers with a network of professionals trained on expeditious methodologies developed in the academic world for assessing the vulnerabilities of the building heritage.


RE.SIS.TO. Project can be applied to pre-constructed buildings in masonry, reinforced concrete, prefabricated buildings, steel and mixed structures. It is based on the relationship between the collapse value and the expected acceleration, that is on the vulnerability indexes for ductile and brittle mechanisms, inspecting buildings in a quantitative and qualitative manner.


The goal is to propose and disseminate a solution to the long-standing question that everyone asks themselves: is this building safe?

Why choose a RE.SIS.TO. procedure

The possibility of relying on a network of engineers, studios and / or companies, that have been trained using an equal and unchanged format with regard to the place and context in which they work, makes our service the best choice on the market for those who must manage, analyze and assess buildings in any place in Italy or in the world, obtaining results that are comparable between them in terms of format and findings.


In fact, the RE.SIS.TO. methods offers a visually immediate and simple answer, differentiating the seismic vulnerability resistance classes, based on the type and complexity of the building that is being examined, through a colorimetric scale of 5 or 7 levels (from green to red).


The RE.SIS.TO. methods assess all types of existing buildings: masonry, reinforced concrete, prefabricated buildings, steel and mixed structures.


It is also possible to add further details of the buildings by analyzing the local kinematics, the static suitability and the possibilities to benefit from the tax advantages with the simplified Sisma Bonus.


Furthermore, RE.SIS.TO. Project offers the possibility to be always updated with regard to the events happening in your area. What does this mean? If the class of your buildings changes due to an earthquake, a PGA change or seismic hazard, you will receive a notification and you will be able to know the new status of your properties in order to manage the risk.