RE.SIS.TO. Resistenza Sismica Totale

è la metodologia su cui si basa RE.SIS.TO. Project, il servizio fornito attraverso la nostra applicazione mobile. La soluzione rapida ed economica che mancava per poter valutare la vulnerabilità sismica della tua casa.

The RE.SIS.TO. method

Knowing how a building reacts in the event of an earthquake is necessary to prevent a critical and dangerous situation.


5 reasons to choose RE.SIS.TO.

1 its simplified expeditious analysis in compliance with the NTC 2018 /C8A.1.B.3 regulations
2 it’s implementation is simple and quick thanks to our online website
3 it cuts costs and reduces analysis time
4 it provides a common yardstick to compare information and assessments of seismic adjustment works
5 it may be applied to reinforced concrete, masonry and prefabricated buildings

RE.SIS.TO. allows to assess seismic vulnerability with a modern approach aimed at managing the existing building heritage.

It is a method developed by the University of Bologna, which fulfills the requirements of the OPCM (Order of the President of the Council of Ministers) n. 3274/2003 and the subsequent calls for improvement and seismic adjustment.  This methodology intends to combine the “expert” qualitative assessments with the mechanical aspects, by filling in the existing condition survey form (Level II GNDT), an established national instrument. The combination of quantitative and qualitative considerations determines, through specific calibrations, the structural performance for the building that is being examined.

The use of a homogeneous metric for the different structural types allows an effective comparison of the features of the buildings that belong to the building heritage that is being taken into account.

The different structural types that are considered are: masonry and reinforced concrete with up to 7 floors. Moreover, the prefabricated buildings with a deepening in the study of 5 different types of nodes and a greater accuracy in the results.

Some of the technological benefits implemented in RE.SIS.TO. are:

  • Highlighting the location of the building on Google Maps and its geolocation in a simple and user-friendly dashboard
  • Guidance during the assessment process
  • Photo descriptions and loading different types of files
  • Automatic and homogeneously completed report
  • Assessment using colorimetric classes in order to help the client understand the results

All these factors ensure that the time and costs required for the assessment are decreased by 80%


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