RE.SIS.TO. Academy

Join our network of professionals with the training courses, the accreditation and qualification courses for our RE.SIS.TO. Project service.

A network of professionals

The importance of the engineers, who have a fundamental role when completing the structural calculations, which are the foundation of the vulnerability assessment, as part of a trained and certified network of professionals to offer a quality service.

In order to make part of the network, all the engineers must participate in a training course at one of our Academies, where our teachers will explain in depth the RE.SIS.TO.® methodologies (depending on the interest of each professional). Furthermore, they need to take a test to assess what they have learned and verify if they understood the correct use of the platform. Finally, they need to receive the qualification ofRE.SIS.TO. Certified Engineer”.  Our engineers are distributed throughout the Italian territory and they carry out seismic vulnerability practices on the building heritage.

In order to ensure the correct application of the method and the quality of our service, our company introduces the figure of the “RE.SIS.TO. Auditor ”, who has the task of assessing these practices.


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