Safety at your home:

It is important to know when it was built, [...] on what type of terrain, with which materials.

And above all if it has been subsequently modified respecting the seismic norms.

(Source: Civil Protection, Campaign 2017 #iononrischio)

What is seismic risk


The probability of an earthquake of a certain magnitude occurring in a certain geographical area over a given period of time.

Exposed value

Everything that can be found in a given geographical area and that could potentially be destroyed or damaged due to an earthquake.


The classification of the propensity of a building to suffer damages when an earthquake of a certain magnitude occurs or in the event of a specific ground acceleration.

The result of the RE.SIS.TO. analysis offers customers a security index that can be used to carry out a risk assessment in workplaces or other places that may be crowded, to evaluate improvement plans and the final safety (Risk = RE.SIS.TO. Safety index * Exposure)

RE.SIS.TO. can help to fulfill the requirements of the employer, owner or manager of a workplace as it is a simplified model, which aims to assess different types of building heritage in terms of safety indexes (Seismic risk assessment document: DVRsismco).

What’s the seismic risk perception in Italy?

60% of the people in Italy have a significantly underestimated seismic risk perception.

According to a study by the National Institut of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV).

A survey by the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), conducted in 2015 […] on a national statistical sample of over 4 thousand people, showed that in Italy the perception of seismic hazard is strongly underestimated. The Italian territory is particularly exposed to earthquakes, however “in the most dangerous seismic areas of the country, where about 41.3% of the population lives (seismic hazard map: seismic /) “, […] we can say that “only 6 out of 100 Italians  have an adequate perception of the danger that exists in this territory“. (Source:

How much do you think you know about earthquakes?

Level of information on earthquakes (statistical sample of 4012 people representing the Italian population).